4 comments on “Tamiya Lamborghini Gallardo

  1. Hi! I’m interested to buy this Tamiya Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Can I know that how much should I pay for you? I saw it from the order information and I have to pay 50% deposit of $140? So, I have to pay you $70 right?

    • Hi, yes a 50% deposit is needed to start this job since the Lamborghini Gallardo cost $140, $70 is deposited in my PayPal accout. Once the job is done i will send you pictures fire your approval. Once approved the balance is then paid with the shipping cost. Then I will ship and give you your tracking number do you can track your package. Thanks for asking

    • Hi Angel thanks for asking, this is just a custom body shell that fits on most 1/10 scale RC chassis. For more info on The complete car, on the home page you will see RTR custom car. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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