43 comments on “Traxxas XO-1 super car custom body

    • Hi Matt , the carbon fiber xo1 body is available and ready to be shipped. I have 2 available and I have few request. I’m giving you first preference since you asked first. I can have it shipped out to you first thing in the morning and send you the tracking number. Thanks Sean.

      • Thanks for asking, After confirming which body you want custom, I will send you an invoice with full details of what your paying for. To start any custom job a 50% deposit is needed to get the ball rolling (Paypal preferred). All cars are custom ordered which takes 7 – 14 business days to be complete. Once the job is done I will send you pictures for your approval. Once approved the balance is paid then I ship to your address with tracking info. Any other questions please feel free to ask.

      • Awesome… I want the Xo-1 full carbon look. Windows clear so inside of body is see thru. Please pre drill holes for fitment to chassis….. PayPal email address is ddelrio08@gmail.com

      • Did you get my paid invoice. Also, how much are the blue rims… Is it possible to get them in red or black….

      • Red with the black trim… Do you also do bodies for the traxxas E-Revo??

      • I was hoping for the HPI #7181 1970 Plymoth HEMI Cuda with the large motor intake/blower on front hood (my local store said it would fit with some minor work/jigging) I’ve seen them on E-Revos online. Better ye would be a Ford Shelby Mustang with blower (if one were actually available for my car)… Paint job would be a mixture of carbon fiber hood / roof / trunk… With black body and blue flames coming from front of car to back… Chrome details on the grill and handles. Basically something modern on an old school drag car. Sound doable??

      • Ok. How about then a carbon fiber hood, roof, and trunk, with a highlighter green body (same green as grave digger from monster jam). With chrome grill and door handles and word Traxxas written diagonally on sides from bottom to top across doors stretching from front of door to B-Pillar… Perhaps I can send you a pic of something similar…. But can that be done. Oh and chrome details on blower with red details on the intake ports.

      • Lol… Heck no…. Along with the XO-1… Send me another invoice. Also send invoice for XO-1 red with black trim tires…

      • Lol ok, il send it for you know. On the xo1 wheels I normally ask for the cost of the wheels and then the $40 after the wheels are done. I hope that’s ok with you?

      • The wheel price is fine. I knocked out last night. Sorry about the late response.

      • In the same website they show picks of the Plymoth with a blower….

        Not sure how they made it. Although, it seems that the Pontiac does have the blower on the main pic page. Pontiac is fine.

      • Hi David, the Pontiac gto is out of stock every where I checked. The dodge charger 7184 and the el Camino ss 7177 I are available and these 2 have blowers on the hood. Just checking to see if you would like either of these bodies instead?

      • Sorry, I didn’t see your last message. The charger body would be fine. Thanks…

      • Are you sure it’s the Plymouth hemi, because it has a hood air intake scoop on the front. The Pontiac gto has a blower.though. Just want to make sure before I go ahead and process this order.
        Thanks sean

      • Hi David, I just saw that you paid the deposit. Thanks I really appreciate the business. I will go ahead and start processing your order. I will keep you posted.

  1. Hey it’s Bryan again you did a carbon brz 1/10 for me awhile back love it. I want this Xo-1 but I want it half black carbon in the front and half red carbon in the back with blue lights in froint and red lights in back. I’m at ginuine2_2000@yahoo.com for my paypal invoice. If you don’t have this one in stock I’ll take the white body with red trim where its green and the back carbon fiber.

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