One comment on “Traxxas XO1 Super Car

  1. Alright people. . . It’s this simple. I started with one theme which turned into 4 or 5 over about 3 days time. Each time I called Sean he was always there and always pleasant in my making changes. At the end of this I fell back to a black carbon body and orange paint. Aside from one pin stripe following the door panel that’s as far as my input went. I was so impressed with Sean I just told him to run with it. (Best decision I made) My only other request was that he logo the car with his company name. The entire design of this car was all by Oak-Man! If your into this hobby and you want your car to “Pop” there is know one better. If you question this in any way look at his site. If you can think of it, He will make it happen. So once again if you want a custom car. . . You NEED Oak-Man Designs! Oh and by the way my car is the XO-1 on home page.

    Mike Candela

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