Welcome to Oakman designs

OAKMAN DESIGNS began as a pursuant of my dream to start a business that I could call my own, in 2008.

My personal story begins as a salesman, for a family owned business, for many years. During that time, I came to understand it’s profound history. A history of a 75 year old history that began with one man– with very little money. The business grew and was handed down over 2 generations. To sons of sons and to the expansion of the business to an unexpected level; making millions to this day.

In having a son of my own, this history of perseverance inspired me to start a business of my own with the hopes and dreams of one day passing it on, as well.

On my 9th birthday, my father introduced me to my first RC car and I fell in love immediately. Making my decision very obvious to start an RC cars business.

I did not know where to start, but did online research to see how I could pursue my dream and make it a reality. I’ve always had a good artistic eye for custom cars and its color coordination. I painted my first (RC) body with no knowledge but good enough to create a profit.
With my drive to succeed, I studied great rc artists and I continued to practice my painting in order to perfect my skills.

In 2009, my son Andrew passed away at the age of 18. We had a very close relationship and his passing put me in a deep depression and lost my desire to paint. Afterall, he was my catalyst to start my dream business. His untimely death was devastating to me. Within the depths of grief and depression I knew I needed to take better care of myself and still allow my dream business to be something positive in his memory. All I do is in his loving memory and allows me to have meaning in what I do everyday for myself and my customers.

As most of my family lived in south Florida, on Christmas Day 2010, I quit my job with that family owned business and relocated to continue pursuing my dream of starting my own RC business.

Both the love for my son Andrew and for RC cars are what continues to motivate me daily. I’ve also started to custom some of the most popular brand RC wheels and name them “DREWSKIE” wheels in his honor.

Here at OAKMAN DESIGNS, i aim to please each and every order like its my own. “Building something from the ground up, making it new and/or better than its ever been done before” is our motto.

This is my passion and the most important gift I give myself every day. I couldn’t live out this dream without the support and patronage of many loyal and new customers over the years, as well as, with my great faith in God.

Thanks for your support
Sean Oakley.

18 comments on “Welcome

  1. hello agin i have been a fan of yours for a minute now ,question how do u get that flat look when you are painting this bodies

  2. The work you do is outstanding the supra body I had done by you almost a year ago is still looking amazing … Top notch work
    I know u do mainly drift scene work but maybe I can talk you in to a Baja 5t body… I am gonna need a new one for next year’s race season

      • Well I have got to get time to do the winter tear down … Still got one more race …spooktacular at timberline Kansas … Still throwin ideas around on the scheme but I am leaning to a repsol Honda moto go theme but on a truck instead of the bike lol

  3. Hey there im ready to have a custom body Sherlock done as well rims drewski or whatever I’ve seen under image, .really excited to have found you and really ask that you reply with full detail as where to look at your work as well getting started with one of a kind customized shell hopefully ill hear from you soon

  4. Your work is DOPE!
    Do you have any bodies to fit a RedCat lightning… If so ill be shopping with you..

  5. Hello. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. Could you tell me the pricing range on a custom paints body for a traxxas slash 4×4? Thanks!

  6. Hello ive been looking at some of your works simply amazing so ill get to the point iam currently getting ready to purchace the hpi bmw m2 car now will your bmw shells fit that frame?thank you for your time Sincerly Billy Sanchez

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