12 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Timely Work; Stunning Finished Product & Reasonable Cost…. What More Could You Ask for from Oak-man Designs! I’m looking for a rc truck just to buy another one of Sean’s custom painted bodies. Highly Recommended! {Red – Tx}

  2. As a custom home builder my industry is very detail oriented. Sean has demonstrated true professionalism in every part of his work. The eye for design as well as patience in the job as it evolves is constant. I would not hesitate in doing more work with this company. They are truly about customer satisfaction and understanding the needs of a project from conception to completion. If you can visualize a design Sean will make it happen. Oak-Man Designs is
    “First Class” all the way and nothing less.

  3. I recently ordered a carbon fiber Traxxas X01 body, with custom led lighting and wheels from Sean. All inquires were always replied to in a timely fashion, updates were sent often. I explained the way I wanted the led lighting installed, my expectations were far exceeded with the final result, extremely happy with the final product. Oakman Designs is the place to go for all your custom r/c body needs. I highly recommend.

  4. I ordered some decals off oakman designs. Price was good so was the postage to the uk! The decals are excellent quality and for my first body shell I was very impressed with the results. If you need anything or any advice just email and Sean will get back to you!
    I will defiantly use oakman designs again!


  5. I ordered a custom made Audi R8 and my experience with Oakman Designs has been truly amazing. The professionalism and yet personable attitude all at the same time is so rare. I received my passage on time and received amazing reviews on the car. Sean.. you truly out did yourself. Thank you for everything and your patience. Will definitely spread the word. Thumbs up to a Five Star Guy!!!!!!

  6. Legend! Amazing detail on the Paul Walker Supra I ordered, I can not thank you enough for taking the time to do this project.
    One more happy customer here and I have already recommended Oak-man Designs to some of my friends and rc fans, your work is Trully legendary!


  7. I had a custom body made with custom wheels and LED lights for my XO1, The work was excellent I was very pleased. The communication during and after the transaction was great and the shipping was pretty fast from States to Canada. Awesome work I look forward to doing more business with you!.

    Thanks again


  8. I ordered a Tamiya 190mm Sumo Power Nissan GTR body with custom wheels, lighting. https://oakmandesigns.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/065.jpg
    The detailed work on the paint, decals, lining, lighting was exceptional. Communication via email and phone with Sean over certain details was a breeze. Sean even changed the paint scheme to something better (orange hood with black grill as opposed to full carbon fiber look).

    I brought the rc car to work to showoff and my boss was wow’ed how detailed the work was. He vowed to get one in the near future and have a custom body made as well.
    I definitely recommend getting a custom body from Oakman Designs. Well worth on money spent!

    P.S. too pretty to race so this will be my display only body.

  9. Sean painted and detailed a Porsche 959 body for my Tamiya Porsche 959 car. Look this car up on-line. The body looks great. This not an easy body to paint and apply the decals. He worked with me through eBay. He put the stickers on the headlights but also masked it out so I can have working lights if I wanted too. Very cool. Looks fantastic.

    Thank You!

  10. Sean made me a Golf 24 that is out of this world. Decals were carefully and accurately applied, but what really stands out is the incredible accuracy and quality of the paint job. He made me a white body with matte black trim, which is not easy considering it requires paint applied to both the inside and outside of the body. White on RC car bodies can look really bad sometimes, but this is by far the best paint job I’ve seen on a car in person… excellence.

    On top of it all, communication was good and quick and Sean was great to work with. Halfway through he emailed me with a recommendation on a possible third color of paint for some details and it really took the car to another level. He did what I asked and more. Can’t recommend an Oakman Designs body enough!

  11. I ordered an XO-1 a year ago from Sean. I feel bad I haven’t written a testimony because I absolutely love what he did for me. The communication was top notch and his art was perfection. He is hands down the best person I have ever worked with and that is after many years in sales. The guy is going places! I can’t wait for my next purchase. Hopefully this holiday!


  12. The car Sean made for me is the Andy Klein drag car listed on the website. I ordered the body with the RC car for my husband as a Christmas gift. The body was on back order but I had ordered a year in advance so I was in no rush. Sean kept me updated on the status regularly until the body was available. I was blown away when I got the car in the mail. The attention to detail was amazing. Any expectation I had about this car was exceeded exponentially. My husband was speechless when he opened it on Christmas morning. Best surprise ever! Sean does amazing work and I would recommend Oakman Designs to anyone and everyone.

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