Welcome to Oakman designs! With a desire to drift and paint brush on hand I transform boring RC Bodies to works of art mimicking the real deal.

All my work is done to order.  You can choose one of my designs, change the colors if preferred, or select the body of your choice. Let me know what you want it to look like and viola you get one sweet ride.

Check out my gallery for previous rides I have completed, then shoot me an email with what you want done.

I started painting rc bodies after a buddy of mine got me into RC Drifting.  One day I got tired of having the same stuff everyone else had, so I picked up a unpainted body, slapped some colors and the rest is history.

Since 2005 I have been designing RC bodies under the name Oakman Designs out of New York. The company has now relocated to Florida and expanded its line to now include Drewskie wheels which can be customized to any order.

Painting RC Bodies is a passion, but more importantly customer satisfaction is my priority.  That’s why with every body I do I try to keep in contact with my customers to make sure they are happy.



18 comments on “Welcome

  1. hello agin i have been a fan of yours for a minute now ,question how do u get that flat look when you are painting this bodies

  2. The work you do is outstanding the supra body I had done by you almost a year ago is still looking amazing … Top notch work
    I know u do mainly drift scene work but maybe I can talk you in to a Baja 5t body… I am gonna need a new one for next year’s race season

      • Well I have got to get time to do the winter tear down … Still got one more race …spooktacular at timberline Kansas … Still throwin ideas around on the scheme but I am leaning to a repsol Honda moto go theme but on a truck instead of the bike lol

  3. Hey there im ready to have a custom body Sherlock done as well rims drewski or whatever I’ve seen under image, .really excited to have found you and really ask that you reply with full detail as where to look at your work as well getting started with one of a kind customized shell hopefully ill hear from you soon

  4. Your work is DOPE!
    Do you have any bodies to fit a RedCat lightning… If so ill be shopping with you..

  5. Hello. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. Could you tell me the pricing range on a custom paints body for a traxxas slash 4×4? Thanks!

  6. Hello ive been looking at some of your works simply amazing so ill get to the point iam currently getting ready to purchace the hpi bmw m2 car now will your bmw shells fit that frame?thank you for your time Sincerly Billy Sanchez

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